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The SMH helmet aims to avoid the contraindicated effect of "Alopecia" in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Not all chemotherapy treatments today have hair loss as a side effect, but the so-called "cocktails" used for the treatment of breast cancer, 98% of which affects women, do. In fact, 2,000,000 cases of breast cancer alone are diagnosed each year.

The effect of hair loss is often underestimated and relegated to an insignificant aesthetic "detail" within the general clinical picture.
In fact, it is not so and there are more and more testimonies about it.

Today it is possible to prevent this phenomenon, or at least contain it significantly with important medical and surgical devices (expensive and scarcely available).

The principle on which these devices are based is the lowering of the temperature of the skin of the skull, where the "follicles" reside, in order to inhibit the peripheral blood circulation, capillaries, and thus prevent the transport of substances that cause hair loss in the area of the "scalp". In this area they are of no therapeutic use.

The SMH solution comes from personal experience and is aimed at solving the most common problems of currently used devices:

No cost to the hospital facility. The surgical medical device object of the invention will be "personal to the patient and transferable to the extent of about 90% of the components and intrinsic value once no longer useful to the first patient. The total cost of the device is estimated to be well under 1,000 EU.
Administration cost. The cost of the current useful to bring down of about 10 °C the temperature of the patient's scalp for N hours. We imagine the cost of electricity useful to keep on a small portable refrigerator for the time of chemotherapy treatment, 2.5 hours, at least another 2.5 hours, half an hour before and 2 after treatment.
Since the device is personal and extremely portable, the patient will be able to start the treatment long before the administration of the chemotherapy cocktail. The device can be used at home and on the way to the hospital or in the waiting room. Equally, treatment can continue in the following hours, during discharge and on the way home, or at home. Inhibiting peripheral circulation in the hours after taking the medication is critical.
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