Save my Hairs - Helmet

Save my Hairs - Helmet

Weak Hairs? We Care!

The SMH helmet aims to avoid the contraindicated effect of “Alopecia” in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments

Alopecia in chemotherapy
Not all chemotherapy treatments today have hair loss as a side effect, but the so-called “cocktails” used for the treatment of breast cancer, 98% of which affects women, do.

No Hospital costs
Since the device is personal and extremely portable, the patient will be able to start the treatment long before the administration of the chemotherapy cocktail

The portable helmet must be used over a period of time ranging from a short time before therapy to 4 hours after, in order to cool the skin by inhibiting peripheral blood circulation on the scalp. in this way, the drug does not reach the area indicated above, in which, however, there would be no benefit, giving rise, instead, to the side effect of hair loss.
The helmet has the specific function of cooling the scalp. It consists of 3 layers and a cavity.
Starting from the outside, we have a first layer of plastic material which has the purpose of insulating the inside of the helmet from external temperatures, higher than the “target” of the cooling system.
The technological cooling device will be placed in an underlying cavity of the helmet.
The second layer was designed in order to favor the heat exchange towards the inside and easily reach the target temperature.
The third layer, in “spongy” material, has the purpose of providing greater Comfort / Ergonomics and adapting to the different shapes and sizes of the skull. Furthermore, this layer has the function of providing heat exchange.

The helmet is connected to a control software, equipped with WiFi interface, to which you can connect through a simple smartphone, from the dedicated mobile application you can set and control different parameters