Information concerning personal data processing by Save My Hairs

1. Purpose of this information sheet.

1.1. Save My Hairs warrants users, through the provisions provided below, that any collection and processing of personal data required or however performed by way fulfilling contractual duties shall scrupulously comply with current laws and, more specifically, the provisions laid down under Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (“Privacy Act”).

2. Scope of information sheet.

2.1. The provisions laid down on this information sheet apply for any personal data provided and processed when using the Save My Hairs platform and any personal information provided and processed by or through other platforms - such as social networks – that are linked to the Save My Hairs platform solely with regard to data entered via or through such platform. In the latter case, the terms and conditions for personal data processing are also subject to the external platforms’ specifications regarding information or policies.

3. Personal data provided by unregistered users.

3.1. You are not required to expressly provide any personal data to explore and visit websites that host the Save My Hairs platform, however information specifically concerning connection, such as recording your IP address, and your chronology and surfing preferences may be kept through the use of cookies or other similar technology to ensure accurate technical performance and improve the experience of users on the platform, for statistics or for security.

3.2. This kind of data is however collected and stored anonymously to ensure that you can in no way be identified.

4. Personal data provided by registered users.

4.1. In order to use the Save My Hairs platform as a registered user, you are obliged to provide the following personal data and consent to its being processed under the following terms and conditions: a) during registration and for the purposes of creating a user profile; name and address, an email address, a password and a user name. This information can be directly edited, also through Save My Hairs if necessary, pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions for Use and applicable technical specifications and no data can be cancelled or excluded as this could affect how your account works. In any case, while information must be transparent and true when operating as a trader, every user is entitled to use a nickname that corresponds to their user name and is free to decide whether to make their personal details public or use a nickname through specific user profile options; b) users operating as traders on the Save My Hairs platform are required to provide their full name, address and, if operating as a company, its registered office and tax code or national insurance number and, when working through a company or other non-physical subject, full details to identify such company and of the legal representative or subject however authorised to operate on behalf of the company on the Save My Hairs platform. You are obliged to provide and authorise use of such data to ensure that users are given full and transparent information regarding the traders with whom they come into contact and it can be edited when required through Save My Hairs to ensure its authenticity.

5. Optional additional information.

5.1. Any registered user may voluntarily enter additional information according to their profile on the Save My Hairs platform and connected functions in order to improve the chance for interaction on the platform and to promote the goods or services they offer. This information is optional and can be edited through profile options without any formalities.

6. General reasons for providing personal data.

6.1. In addition to the reasons described in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 above and to permit direct communications among platform users via the platform forums or private messaging function if necessary, the personal data collected this way is used and processed to ensure better customisation of the services to provide users and rapid intervention in the event of any illegal conduct or disturbance.

6.2. This also applies to email addresses, which will never be used to send you communications with purposes other than those expressly stated and for which you have given your consent.

7. Non-transferability of data provided.

7.1. Save My Hairs will never divulge to or provide other parties the personal data received and processed for any reason or in any manner without your consent and unless provided for in the exceptions laid down in the articles above in relation to improving the experience of site users, with the exception Legal Authorities or other public authorities legally authorised to receive such information for the purposes laid down by the law.

8. Reciprocal protection duty among users.

8.1. In relations with other users and platform visitors, the personal data obligatorily or voluntarily provided on access and viewing are not considered and may not be considered as being transferred to such persons and they are only entitled to process such details to the extent required to make contact for the purpose of entering into a transaction.

8.2. Anyone who can access such data as platform user or visitor is personally and exclusively responsible for any breaches to the law relating to its use and processing.

8.3. You are however aware that exposing particularly important personal data, especially sensitive data, to indiscriminate access by subjects that you do not personally know can be extremely dangerous and you are therefore invited to expose any data that is not compulsory with extreme care.

9. Transferring data abroad.

9.1. Processed data will never be transferred to non-European Union Member States, including via servers located in such countries, without your consent and however unless permitted by law or laid down under the exceptions in the articles below and solely for the purposes indicated therein.

10. Cookies relating to general operation of the site.

10.1. Apart from those not directly pertaining to advertisements or publicity, the Save My Hairs platform uses cookies to keep track and save sessions (for example to establish whether users are online or offline once they have or have not logged in using their credentials), to save certain settings, for example a chronology of the last pages visited or last functions used, and to set a user’s language and currency if necessary.

10.2. You can stop cookies being saved on your hard disk at any time by using the specific exclusion and delete tools on your browser, however you should be aware of the fact that this could considerably limit your experience, for example by making it necessary for you to login every time you access the site rather than just once in a while.

11. Data processed via connection to Facebook and other social networks.

11.1. The Save My Hairs platform is linked to the Facebook social network, mainly in order to allow you to express your opinion regarding certain content, show that you like the platform on Facebook, and to directly share content on this platform.

11.2. You are therefore aware of the fact that using this function will entail voluntarily showing your likes and interests on Facebook if you have an account there.

11.3. You should also be aware that if you access the Save My Hairs platform and are connected to Facebook at the same time, all the information used will automatically be sent to the latter for statistical purposes and however according to the limits laid down under this platform’s terms and conditions for personal data processing.

11.4. You should also be aware of the fact that merely accessing the Save My Hairs platform when not connected to Facebook can hinder and prevent such operations.

11.5. The technical provisions and precautions laid down under the above articles also apply to similar social networking or content-sharing platforms such as, but not limited to, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

12. Data processed for statistical purposes through connection with Google Analytics.

12.1. Save My Hairs uses Google Analytics to ensure better processing of statistics regarding access to its platform, income from advertising and the transactions carried out and however to manage online marketing activities in the interests of its users.

12.2. In this case, data regarding your age, geographic location and similar personal details may be used by this service and will however be processed in a strictly anonymous manner.

12.3. You are also aware of the fact that, while Google Analytics does not precisely register the IP addresses of users whose data is processed in this manner, the network you use to connect to the Internet may be identified.

12.4. The same guarantees laid down for all personal data processed by Save My Hairs however apply, as does the entitlement not to receive Google Analytics cookies by using the specific exclusion and delete functions on your browser, although you are warned that this could limit your experience.

12.5. By way of exception to that laid down under paragraph 9, the data processed by Google Analytics may be fully or partially transferred to the Google Inc. server located in the United States of America.

13. Newsletters and promotional emails.

13.1. On registering, you consent to receiving promotional information and indications via newsletters or individual emails on no more than a daily basis at the email address you use to register. You can change the frequency with which you receive such information or stop newsletters and promotional emails without any formalities using the profile functions on the platform.

14. Processing data to manage advertising.

14.1. The Save My Hairs platform is technically connected with the external services listed in paragraph 6 in order to find commercials to air on its platform according to the preferences and interests of users according to their experience both on the Save My Hairs platform and on other sites.

14.2. For this purpose, surfing data regarding the areas and sites visited on both the Save My Hairs platform and on other sites is collected and processed using cookies. This information will be processed in a completely anonymous manner and solely for the purpose of statistics and has nothing to do with users’ identification, more specifically IP addresses that identify users on the internet will not be received by these services.

14.3. Data obtained this way could, in the cases specified under paragraph 6, be used for advertising on other sites and it could be fully or partially processed by servers located outside the European Union – especially the United States - by way of exception to that laid down under paragraph 9.

14.4. You are however entitled to receive full information regarding the identity of such external services and indications on how to avoid these operating with respect to you from the data controller or supervisor and you can specifically disable relative cookies using the functions on your browser.

14.5. You are aware that, as Save My Hairs cannot renounce advertising for the purpose of managing its platform, you may see commercials irrelevant to your specific interests.

14.6. The services pursuant to paragraph 1 are as follows: (make a list of sites providing web address and geographic location and specify which of these, e.g. Google AdSense and generally those located in the USA, may process data on servers in the USA).

15. Using platform via mobile phone and similar apps.

15.1. The provisions laid down on this information sheet, being compatible, also apply in relation to Save My Hairs collecting and processing personal data not directly via its web platform but through specific apps to help you use this platform on electronic devices other than personal computers, more specifically - but not limited to -smartphones, tablets and any other device using technology other than that of a personal computer or other processor made by Apple or other manufacturers.

15.2. In this case, you can still avoid providing and processing of optional data and surfing information relating to Google Analytics and external services using specific app functions.

15.3. With regard to apps sending push notifications to the device used regarding updates or new features on the platform, that laid down under article 10 regarding newsletters and promotional emails applies.

15.4. You can always decide whether to enable localisation through the specific functions on your electronic device and you will promptly be notified when it would be useful to use this function.

16. Editing and deleting data by user.

16.1. Registered users can consult the personal data they provided obligatorily or voluntarily for public viewing or private storage on the Save My Hairs portal and can delete data provided voluntarily or stop it from being publicly viewed when not compulsory through the user profile functions on the portal and enabling relative options without any formalities.

16.2. In order to warrant the reliability of information provided, any changes to a name and surname or the name of a company, business or juridical entity must be carried out via customer service, which may ask for documentation to prove the legitimacy of the changes to be made.

16.3. You may also request a summary of such information to be sent in a specific message via email.

16.4. Registered or unregistered users are however aware of the fact that data collected pursuant to articles 10, 11, 12 and 14 cannot and will not be deleted, without prejudice to the measures specified in the event it is not provided, when such cannot be directly carried out by the user in question – for example by disabling cookies – without compromising site operations.

17. Editing and deleting data by Save My Hairs. 

17.1. Besides voluntary editing and deletion of personal data by users pursuant to that laid down under paragraph 16, Save My Hairs will not edit or delete data unless specifically required by law or further to a legitimate order from the Judicial Authorities or other Authority pursuant to current laws.

18. Data Controller and Supervisor.

18.1. The Data Controller is (name and full address of company).

18.2. The Data Supervisor is (full details of supervisor).

18.3. The Data Controller and Data Supervisor may be contacted for any request or information regarding application of these terms and conditions concerning personal data processing at the following contact numbers and emails (telephone numbers and email).

19. Security measures for data processing

19.1. Personal data provided and processed pursuant to the following information are processed and saved using an encryption system to avoid access by unauthorised third parties and saved on a secure server which is protected from hackers by a firewall.

19.2. Access to such data for the purpose of processing is reserved for specifically identified and authorised subjects under the responsibility of Data Supervisor, thereby excluding access by any subject not legitimised to process data in any manner.

20. Validity of this information with respect to user.

20.1. In order to sign an agreement with Save My Hairs and, with regard to unregistered users, to access and surf the portal you are required read this information sheet, which is an integral part of General Terms and Conditions, and provide consent for your personal data to be processed under the terms and conditions established herein.

20.2. Unregistered users who do not intend to provide such consent are required to immediately stop surfing.

21. Amendments and integrations to this information sheet.

21.1. Any amendment or integration to this information sheet will be notified and become effective according to that laid down with regard to amendments to the General Terms and Conditions, being compatible, and have the same legal effects.

22. Final provisions.

22.1. You are entitled to exercise the rights laid down under Section 7, Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (“Privacy Act”) for anything not expressly covered in this information sheet.